Below are excerpts from some of David’s letters…

….I am having a great time. Christmas was just an ordinary p-day. After we talked we went to our lunch appointment and then came back so my companion could talk to his family. We found a new potential investigator. She is a little old grandma whose husband passed away in August of 2012. I felt the Spirit the whole time and I felt that she was ready. I know that missionary work is not just what is seen in this life, but it also extends beyond the veil. There are people on the other side pleading for the Gospel to come to their families and guiding our footsteps towards them…..

…This past week has been pretty uneventful for me. We had transfers but since I’m still in the middle of my first 12 weeks, neither I nor my companion left. It has all been pretty slow this week. We are putting almost all of our focus on a particular investigator because we have a goal for him to be baptized this coming Saturday. He is progressing really quickly….

…. I am in a trio now. There were two other elders in our ward. One of them was just fresh to the mission and chickened out after he found out how much work it was. So he’s gone back home and his companion is stuck with us until transfers. I’ve been having a bit of trouble lately. I love being out here and serving the Lord, but it is a lot more stressful then I thought it would be. Last night, I hit a low-point. I felt un-belonging, and unwanted, and like a failure. I did the only thing that I could think of. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to please tell me why He sent me here. I told him how I was feeling. After I had finished with my purpose I was immediately filled with love and comfort. The Lord promised me that if I was doing anything wrong, He would make it known unto me alongside a way to fix it. He also told me to give no heed unto these feelings for they were of the devil in an attempt to get me to forsake the ministry. And the in comfort he brought to my mind the scriptures of D&C 121 starting at verse 9, as well as Joshua 1:9, and then Moses 1. And then in response to my query as to why He had sent me here, He opened my mind to Exodus when He spoke unto Moses out of the burning bush and told him to go to Egypt to free the children of Israel from bondage. And this was why I had been sent to Peru. I then ended my prayer in thanks for the comfort and promises given, and then asked for further strength to withstand my trials. Also, I am noticing a little bit of racial prejudice against gringos from nonmembers. Already we have come across two that have just talked trash about the U.S. and praising other Latino nations in full aware that I was there in front of them. Also they have “stupid gringo” jokes. All of which I am glad that I didn’t understand most of it but I understood enough to get the jist of it. A well, I can’t help what other people think. If they want to judge me before they get to know me and refuse to put aside racial differences, that’s their problem….

….We had a marriage and a subsequent baptism.  And we had another baptism this last weekend. This is amazing! I absolutely love it! This is the best part of my life, serving the Lord….

….Last week my companions and I went to ear lunch at Tottus. We all wanted pizza and we didn’t have a lunch appointment for that day, so we got permission to go to Tottus and eat. I saw the size of the pizzas and made the mistake of saying that I could easily eat the whole thing. They were the size of a personal pizza at NYPD. We each got our own pizzas, but I wasn’t counting on them cooking it in the microwave. The pizza was doughier than I expected and I had a hard time eating it all. True to my word, I ate it all but I was sick to my stomach afterwards and as a result, we didn’t go to dinner. As for talking in church, not yet. And the members are very loving and love having us over. Living here is pretty much like a cross between modern living back home, and camping. So far the best thing about my mission is that I get to serve the Lord and bring others closer to Him….

….I did get the letter and it did really help. I also got a talk by Elder Holland from my Zone Leader about doubt. That helped too. We had another baptism this last week. And so far the only unusual thing I’ve had to eat is cat and it is disgusting. I still ate it so as not to offend the members who gave it to me, but I hated it….(Yuck!)

So David is doing really well. the language is coming. We know that because his spelling is getting worse. 😉 I have had to edit a few things in the letters. 🙂


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