Special Christmas!

Ok, so I haven’t been keeping up on the blog like I should have. I’m sorry. We have been super busy the last couple of months. (I know, no excuse.) David had a little bit of a struggle with his companion during December, but he is doing better now. His companion is a native Peruvian and does not speak any English at all. David is trying with all of his heart to learn Spanish quickly, but it is a process and David is learning and so is his companion.

We got to talk with him on Christmas!!!! We got a Skype account and we were able to Skype with him. He said just about everyone in Peru (that has a computer anyway) has Skype, so we Skyped. It was great! He looks good. He looks like a missionary. This mom is very proud! 🙂 We each got to talk for a few minutes. We talked for a little over an hour. I must say though, that about 10 mins into it, we asked David how much time he has to talk. He said he didn’t know and so he leaned over and spoke to his companion across the room, in Spanish. He had a little conversation. It was really cool to listen to him talk in Spanish. (I know, simple pleasures.) He gets back and says, “Ok!”. We look at him with blank stares and say, “What?”. He said, “Oh, sorry, he said it didn’t matter to him. So whatever!” We said ok, but we knew we couldn’t talk all day.

It was really special. They were at a members house and you could hear people in the background, although it also sounded like they were trying to be quiet. Towards the end of our call, we decided to sing a song to David. We sang “Silent Night”. It was cool because the slight sounds you heard in the background stopped. I knew they were all listening. Then Matthew sang the first verse to “Angels We Have Heard On High”. He learned it in school and was very proud and wanted to show David. He did a great job. Then David sang the second verse to us. There was a little kid in the background that started singing on the “Glorias” with him. I think the mom tried to get him to not sing and be polite, but he kept singing anyway, quietly. I thought it was really cute! Even though they don’t speak English at all, we can still sing together! 🙂 Music bridges the language barrier and brings peoples hearts together.


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