I like all the fruits that they give us. Mango, apple, banana, camu camu, granadia. They are all delicious. the juice they give us isn’t the same as back home, even if it’s the same fruit that we have. Back home we just do the juice. Here, they mash the fruit into a pulp, water it down a bit, and that’s the juice. Interesting huh?  I am eating everything they give me. Except the chicken feet. I’m sorry but I am not eating anything that I can tell from a glance what animal and what part of that animal it came from. The members provide lunch for us and we have a Pensionista that provides us with breakfast and dinner. 

Mom, I am so sorry that I didn’t pay more attention or put more effort in whenever you tried to teach us piano. I am the only one in my area that knows how to do anything musically related. That includes the little knowledge I have about playing the piano. I am the only one who can read music well enough to play. I am the only one who sings on key and doesn’t have a major scooping problem. I am forced to teach myself to play the piano because I have been asked to play in sacrament meeting, because I am the only one who can kind of play. I played this last Sunday and I think I did well. I messed up a couple times but I did really well for my first time.


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