On to the Field! :D

Hi mom, I´m not even in Iquitos. The mission consists of three cities: Iquitos, Tarapoto, and Pucallpa. My first area is Pucallpa. I love it here. There is not as much rain as I was expecting but it is still very wet. We got caught in a big rainstorm on the way back to the house we stay in on Thursday. I got soaked. Also we had a baptism this past Saturday already. It was amazing. I really like it here with one exception. There is no indoor pluming for the shower. For everything else we have it, but not the shower. I have to use a bucket of freezing cold water every morning. As for meeting Elder Neilson, It was amazing. It was as if I was in the presence of the Lord Himself. I was so happy, so filled with joy that I could not speek. And I mean could not. Believe me I tried. I could not get even a sound out of my mouth. Also, that same day we also had visits from Elders Grow and Rasband of the Seventy. It was amazing. I am having such a good time. Pucallpa is a wonderful place and I cannot think of a better place for me to be right now. As for what it looks like. I cannot realy describe it but I do know that if you turn on Avengers when they go to recrute the Hulk. The place where Banner is hiding lookes exactly like these cities. Also there are dogs everywhere. I love you, Elder Harmon

Hello Dad. I got from Lima to Iquitos by plane and then I took another plane to Pucallpa. I had to leave half of my luggage in iquitos though. The Church doesn´t want to pay for anything that I don´t really need. My companion is a latino from Piura, Peru. He is helping me learn Spanish and I am helping him learn English. I´m finding that Spanish is coming quickly however, I do not yet know what any one is talking about most of the time. Fortunately they naturally speak slowly in Pucallpa so I can understand more than I would if I was anywhere else. I think It is a great place to learn Spanish. Also, as I mentioned to mom, there are dogs everywhere. It is deffenetly going to force me to get over my fear of dogs, which I slowly am, but I´m not there yet. I also just found out that we have a CD of approved songs to listen to and there is a Piano Guys song on there. I´m sure that there are other songs we can listen to, but the CD’s they have are all scratched. Fortunately this one isn´t yet. I am so Happy. I love you, Elder Harmon.


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